How Does It Work?

The process is simple!
Product Photography, Commercial, Retail, accessory and Jewelry Photos

  • Once you complete our Online Order Form, we’ll review your request and contact you within 24 hours with any questions, issues and a price. Then, you can carefully pack and ship your product to our photo studio. Please send your product in a condition that is as photo-ready as possible.
  • After receiving your product, we will check the contents of your shipment and verify against your order. Within a few days, you’ll receive low-resolution watermarked preview photos of your products with minor touch-ups and color correction for your approval.††
  • After your approval is received, we’ll email you an invoice for an online payment. Once we receive a payment confirmation, a download link will be sent to you for your high-resolution product photos. That’s it!

Product Photography, Commercial, Retail, accessory and Jewelry Photos

Product assembly and cleaning charges may apply if your product is received in a condition that is not photo-ready — this could be due to packing, shipping, delivery, and/or handling issues.
†† Additional charges may apply if product images require moderate color corrections and/or photo manipulation. Although professional industry standard lighting equipment along with a White Balance Gray Card are used to measure and match closest to a product’s colors, at times, further adjustments are needed to satisfy customers. In such cases, additional fees will be charged for any work that is performed beyond the basic enhancements, billed at an hourly rate of $85/hr.